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FH-1 with Artiphon Instrument 1
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Author FH-1 with Artiphon Instrument 1
Has anyone tried connecting the Artiphon Instrument One to an FH-1? I've tried it but no joy. Any ideas?
Which FH-1 firmware were you using?
Hi Os.
I've updated the firmware to 2.0 but still nothing.
Also, do I need to use a USB hub in order to use my Logitech trackball (same one as in your video)?
You don't need to use a hub to connect a trackball.

Odd that the Artiphon doesn't work. Does it connect (left USB LED lit) but not react to MIDI, or not even connect?
No, I get no USB or MIDI LEDs lit. The power is supplied to the instrument, however.
Odd. Not going to be easy to debug unless I can get my hands on one.
Yes, I understand. There are just some things that won't cooperate with the FH-1 I suppose.

On the trackball though, I have the exact same one as you showed in the video and no lights show up at all when I plug it in. Is there a configuration script that I need to upload to get it recognized?
No, it should work by default if you have firmware v2.

Are you sure it's the same one? If you can inspect its USB descriptors on your computer (Mac? PC?) that would be definitive.
I just checked and there seems to be a problem with the trackball here too - it only works if connected via a hub. I'll fix that.
bumping for exactly the same problem, although I've got more details, including that the Artiphon was in fact working perfectly w/ FH-1 at some point.

I have a 2nd hand FH-1.
Artiphon worked like a charm, straight out of the box, plugged it in to FH-1, USB connected, got gate & CV for MIDI channel 1 perfectly, no issues.
At some point, I flashed the firmware to the latest v2.0 (probably early August); I also moved the module to a different row sometime after that. I can't be sure I ever connected the Artiphon to it anytime after that, though.

Connected Artiphon to FH-1 this weekend, and no luck. The USB status LED never lights.
I checked the Artiphon & USB cable on my laptop & Ableton, and everything worked fine.
I also flashed FH-1 firmware v2.1, with no improvement.
I then tried connecting a Beatstep Pro to FH-1, and FH-1's USB status LED did light.

So it seems like there is some way to get the Artiphon to work with FH-1 - but I am not sure what needs to be done to get there. Assuming that the previous owner had done some configuration or something that allowed it to work, something that I wiped out when I flashed the firmware?

Any advice or suggestions are welcome - this is something I really want working, willing to try anything to get it to work. Thanks!
Is it a power thing? Were you using the case's 5V rail, which is now not available for some reason?
os wrote:
Is it a power thing? Were you using the case's 5V rail, which is now not available for some reason?

Don't think it is a power thing.

The Artiphon has its own power via AC adapter & also has a rechargeable battery inside.

FH-1 power jumper was set to the lower setting (+12V for USB) when I had the problem this weekend, and I don't recall ever changing it since I got it.

So, last weekend, I also tested:
- Artiphon powered with AC adapter
- Artiphon powered with internal battery
- FH-1 with power jumper @ lower setting (+12V)
- FH-1 with power jumper @ upper setting (+5V)
- and I also moved the FH-1 from a the lower row back to a space in the upper row of my rack
all with same results of no USB communication
(although I probably did not try every combination of the above - I think I only tried 1 change at a time...)
I'll see if I can get hold of an Instrument 1 myself.
any advice on trying to troubleshoot this would be helpful. again - Beatstep connects & USB led lights up immediately, so assuming nothing intrinsically wrong with the FH-1 itself. Artiphon works perfect with my laptop - and previously had worked with the FH-1. I just have to suspect that there is just some relatively simple setting I need to tweak on the FH-1... just not sure what... thx again
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