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Interstellar Suite...Amin Bhatia
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Author Interstellar Suite...Amin Bhatia
umma gumma
This is great; originally released 25 years ago, they have remixed it for surround and done this promo vid: I think this original "launch" track was the Roland contest winner in 1978, done on just a minimoog and a reel to reel

Is anyone else here familiar with it?

apparently the original release was a disaster and the LP never got proper publicity/distribution. but it was still hugely influencial in the synth/electronic music community

here is a doc bit about the project
umma gumma
here is another cool project he has done: Ravel's "Bolero" recorded with a progressive historical assortment of synthesizers:
Oh yeah! I'm a huge fan of Amin Bhatia, especially his Interstellar Suite!!! Lotsa Love Lotsa Love Lotsa Love Lotsa Love

I got it when it was first released on the Cinema label and on the first listen it actually brought me to tears it was so awesome and in line with the type of thing I want to do.
umma gumma
wow, it would have been great to listen to, back when it was released!

now, we have 30 years of synth music to temper the impact. and it still sounds stupendous! applause

I just bought the new surround mix DVD, looking forward to hearing it. Bernie Grundman was involved with the remastering; always been a big fan of his work
umma gumma
allright, I tracked down an original stereo LP on ebay, from japan

ordered it as an xmas gift for myself!
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