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5U Frankensynths
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Author 5U Frankensynths
Who here has a mix of MOTM-format and MU-format modules? Roughly what is your percentage of each?
Dave Peck
Mine has a Dotcom 44 studio cabinet and two Dotcom 22 studio cabinets on top, classic big-ass wall of modular style (see avatar). Each row has, left to right, 14 spaces of MU modules, then six spaces of 5U/MOTM format modules fit into fives MU spaces, and then three more MU spaces.

The mounting holes in the 5U/MOTM format modules don't line up with the pre-drilled mounting holes in the cabinet rails, of course, but since these cabinets have wood rails you just drill new pilot holes and screw them in. And six spaces of 5U/MOTM fit just about perfectly into five MU spaces.

The main power distribution system is standard Dotcom power supplies and their 'octopus' DC harnesses going to the MU modules. For connecting the four pin .156" MOTM power headers on the 5U/MOTM modules to this system, each cabinet has one or two MOTM 995 power adapter boards connected to the Dotcom power system, with several MOTM format 4-pin jumper harnesses from these adapters to the 5U/MOTM modules.

Works great!

MOTM 995 adapter for 5U/MU:

I used to keep MOTM and Dotcom together in a 44-space cabinet when I had fewer modules of each format. Now I tend to keep things separate, but am reconsidering how best to set things up. Part of the problem is cabinet depth as I have a fair number of DIY MOTM modules that don't fit in a Dotcom cabinet.
Would love to just attach an inverted 44 to the top of existing 88, with the garage and crown piece for good measure, but my wife is likely to call that an eyesore. meh
So now I'm trying to decide between that approach or some kind of a custom wooden MOTM cabinet. I have Bridechamber rails available too so a rack enclosure is an option. And I still have a "portable" MOTM case which holds a lot of the shallower items. Dead Banana
As far as percentage of each goes, I have at least 110 Dotcom spaces worth and maybe 75 MOTM spaces.
I don't know if my biggest system qualifies as a Frankensynth since the different formats are all segregated into separate cabinets? hmmm..... Anyways, going just by unit width used:
MOTM/ModcanB = 64 U (44%)
MU/DotCom = 80 MU (56%)
19" MIDI/Rack gear = 24 vertical U
or if you want to get more divided on the modules
MOTM = 40 U (28%)
ModcanB = 24 U (17%)
MU/DotCom = 80 MU (56%)

Now, my smallest system of them all is very mixed and has:
MOTM/ModcanB = 6 U (67%)
MU/DotCom = 3 MU (33%)
and if you want to get more divided
MOTM = 2 U (22%)
ModcanB = 4 U (44%)
MU/DotCom = 3 MU (33%)
Rex Coil 7
.... I'm tellin' ya .... there needs to be someone to develop rail mounts and offer ISEP railing all in one location ... including all of the nuts/bolts/screws/etc ... a Vector-type system, a-la-EuroRack, is long overdue in the 5U world.

(Dammit! I keep thinking that every time I say that same thing .... that I am going to end up being "that guy" that ends up offering all of that .... it's like I keep trying to talk myself into a job or something! I have a small machine shop that isn't doing much, and I've a little bit of metalworking experience, so the rail mounting plates fall nicely into place).

d'oh! Ugh ....
Like most, I have separate cabinets for MU and MOTM for the most part. I do have one cabinet with a row of MOTM and a row of MU (Mos Lab) so I guess it could be labeled a Frankensynth.
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