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RECORD - some observatiosn so far
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Author RECORD - some observatiosn so far
Hey all,

I have one of the RECRD devices because I wanted a quick way to capture what is going on as I just jam out without the need for a computer all the time. In looking around I decided to pick one of these up.

Here are some observations after using it for a short time:
1) you have a few diffrent recording formats - great for many, I prefer using the wav file format myself, but hey - great to have the options
2) very strait forward, press record and go on about playing... press stop, playback, and repeat as you like.
3) small enough that I don't mind having it in the case --- well, just in case I want to record.

1) I wish it started the recording in wav format and not OGG as the defualt, but that was simple enough to fix.
2) I was surprised I could not listen to the output at the same time the input was connected but not recording
3) It was not always consistent about playing the output while recording so I ended up using mults to go into the record and then over to my headphones out module.
4) I often have a small dump file on the SD card every time I go to copy files back to my PC

Nice to have onboard as I know othere devices can record - such as the Disting mk4 and other --- but I like not tying up a that type of device to record when I just want to only record and not use/resample/etc. as i'm playing.

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