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nw2s io --- loved it, but had to send it back...
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Author nw2s io --- loved it, but had to send it back...
Hey All,

I had one of the io modules in my case.
I LOVED it because I like capturing several parts in and out of the modular to my DAW and back. This is one of the best devices I've seen for this so - so I was super stoked to have it... I had it less than a month and suddenly it got warm and didn't do anything... so, i'm hopefully I had a funny one and the next one will be solid. I plan to add a second one as long as the next one stays working well for me.

Thanks for making this device - and I'm looking forward to continue using it when I get either that one back fixed and/or a new one.

Mine gets super hot too. I am seriously debating on returning it since the designer hasn't been very communicative via email or here.
I've had my balanced nw2S::io since 2015 without issues. I've predominately used the Inputs only though to pipe mono inputs into the DAW.

Can you give more details on your setup ups? Curious to know what could be causing the heat issues or making it stop working.
monads wrote:
I've had my balanced nw2S::io since 2015 without issues.

Hello, Sorry for the long delay... All up, I got the new one and all is great!
So, I LOVE this device because I can now take 8 I/Os off the Synth... In the back of my mind, I really do want one more. smile But we will see if I pick it up... I suspect not for a bit.

BUT... WHY I love it...
Simply put, I can do much more interesting post production work (if I wish)... For example, I just recorded a drum set from my BIA drums, and I had 3 sets of stereo effects... so I was able to take the main drum, and all six channels and record them all at once. Now I can better mix, pan, and play with the effects and still have the main drum sound as well.

Very, very cool to have this!

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