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FH-1, TC Data, and some good personal progress
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Author FH-1, TC Data, and some good personal progress
Hello all,

Before I dive into the progress, I wanted to lay out what my goal is:
1) A good way to jam on some different drum sequences
2) To be able to interact and have them feel more alive through different rhythms, triggers, and so on.

I purchased the FH1 because it felt like it had great potential to be a large number of things... and yes it sure does... but I’ve been a little frustrated getting either a) a good sample walkthrough and b) getting a good experience in getting a few things going.

This morning I was able to get a few things going much more quickly with the TC-Data app (mentioned in a different post - I’ll go back and give thanks here in a moment) and I was able to get things up and going in the following way:
1) Setup ports 1, 2, and 3 for PWM
2) Start set them as the smallest PWM pulse (trigger)
3) Set the pulse to have a multiplier based on the incoming CV clock
4) As I move touch around I can set different multipliers to get different clock rates on the different channels giving it a slightly more organic feel --- more to come here now that I have a few of the basics of both TC-Data and the FH1.

My next steps are to do a few things:
1) Create a short end-to-end tutorial here in the next couple of weeks as I close in on this a little more
2) Work to get my 7 drums going through some fun patterns where I also get some controlled randomization of different parameters and beats.
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