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FH-1 stop receiving midi from time to time
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Author FH-1 stop receiving midi from time to time
I'm working on this week's gig, and I'm facing an issue with the FH-1 :
From time to time, the FH-1 seems to be stuck, not receiving midi information anymore : led stucked as well as trigs & pitch - I have to unplug the USB cable on the front pannel of the FH-1 and plug it back so the FH-1 start to work again.

My configuration is Octatrack > iConnectMidi4+ > FH-1.
The OT still sends the midi to the iConfig - I've recorded the midi note in ableton without any issue whereas FH-1 was stuck.

The issue seems to be occuring when I do program change, but I'm not 100% sure - I can't reproduce it by mean, but it occurs frequently.
However before this weekend I was more working within a pattern without using prog change - that's why I think it may be related.

Anyone that can help? The gig will hurt if I can't trust my midi interface..
Which firmware are you using?
I'm using the latest stable : v1.8

UPDATE : it occured twice during my latest worksession, with no prog chang involved.
I suggest you try the new firmware v2.
Just tried it and same the issue occured after a while.
Not sure what to suggest then.

You say you can record the MIDI. Can you try to record the MIDI so you can send it to me and identify at which point the FH-1 got stuck?
Few questions then :
1 - Is there any "stop" midi message that might occurs during the jam and make the FH-1 stop working ?
2 - Any better tool than Ableton for monitoring/recording MIDI information?
3 - I just got the FHX-1, do you think it could make the FH-1 unstable ?
1) There's no message that should completely kill the FH-1.


3) No, though you're probably now sending more MIDI, to drive more outputs. It's possible that the problem is an overload of the MIDI stream, but without knowing what you're sending, that's hard to judge.
Unfortunately I'm on PC.

Using Ableton I don't think that recording midi notes would help you find the issue. Maybe in reaper I could record all midi message from one source ?
Maybe. Try it.
I've recordede a midiclip that the FH-1 is receiving.

The issue has occured at the end of the midi file - but I can't see anything special - not so many Midi info in there : 2 output for note / 1 out for LFO / 1 for RDM / 1 for clock ( synced Square LFO )

Anything else I can provide to help me resolve this ?
Could you see if this firmware makes any difference?
It's been 2 nights since the FH-1 hasn't killed itself. Those 2 session were pretty long so I'm kind of confident now...

I've updated the firmware for the iConnectMidi2+ / Changed the usb port / filter out all usless midi to the FH-1 / re-update firmware 2.0 on the FH-1.
After all this, it seems to be pretty solid now.

The gig is tomorrow so I'll keep the configuration as it is for now .. If tonight I get a failure, I'll try your firmware. Otherwise I'll keep it for the weekend.

Did you spot something odd ?
No, just experimenting with fine tuning the USB code.
The gig went perfectlly well without any trouble. I don't know what happened but I guess it's past...
Thanks for this amazing piece of hardware os smile
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