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FH-1 Sequencers
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Author FH-1 Sequencers
I have got everything else to work on the FH-1 but I can't seem to get the sequencers going.

Could someone give me the steps required to setup gates and pitch cv for an 8 step sequence?

Channel 15 CC 0-7 for the pitches, or CC 96-103 if you want them quantised.

Channel 15 CC 64-71 for the gates.
I got some sequencing happening. Thanks Os!
OK. I set a bunch of midi keyboards to ch 15 and set the knobs to the controllers you mentioned.

I then realized that I have to clock through the steps one at a time. I used a really big divider, and then wiggled the 0-7 knobs to get pitch out of output 1. This wasn't obvious to me (although it I guess it should have been.
)and why I couldn't get it working. I wiggled the next batch of controllers to enable gates also on a slow clock. Also I ran it into my Disting MK4 but I do realize now that I could have used the quantized controllers.

Somewhere in there I limited my sequence to two steps and I thought maybe somehow the skip got set. It did and I set another 8 controllers to make those all 0.

I was just going to ask how to set the other cv and just now I realized that this is what i, ii, iii are. I think I am in business.

Thanks again,
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