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Firmware update for Pamela's New Workout on Windows
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Author Firmware update for Pamela's New Workout on Windows
Has anyone else successfully done this on windows ? I am getting error in Command line that states that dfu-util is not a command.

very frustrating
bump cry

README file - dfu-util 0.8 binaries for win32


Keep libusb-1.0.dll in the same directory as the dfu-util.exe or copy it
to the system library folder (e.g. C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32)

- or - use the dfu-util-static.exe which has libusb statically linked.

dfu-util uses libusb to access USB devices, and this version of libusb
uses WinUSB (a Microsoft Windows system driver installed by default in
Microsoft Vista and later versions). The USB device to be accessed
must therefore be registered with the WinUSB driver. This can easily be
done with the zadig tool from

Plug in your device, run zadig.exe, select your device in the left field
and select WinUSB in the right field. You can now access your device from
any WinUSB or libusb based programs.

libusb also includes (experimental) support for the libusb-win32
and libusbK drivers, as alternatives to the WinUSB driver.

Please see for more


The sources for the libusb library (here distributed as libusb-1.0.dll)
can be found at

The sources for dfu-util.exe and dfu-suffix.exe can be found

See individual source files for full copyright information.
See enclosed COPYING file for distribution.


The binaries were built using the enclosed script,
on a Debian GNU/Linux 7 system.

The libusbx 1.0.19 release was compiled with:
make CFLAGS="-DWINVER=0x0501"

From the Pam thread..:

put the download file "alm017-196.bin" in root of c drive
create a new folder in root of c drive. call it "update" (relevant what it's called in order to maintain consistency with the command line at the end). paste all the downloads from the "dfu-util-0.8-binaries" page (i downloaded all 7 files) inside the folder.

run "zadig-2.3" which loads it as a driver as outlined in Pam manual:
options, list all devices
--select STM 32 BOOTLOADER
--select WinUSB near green arrow

connect pam

open CMD, (right click, 'run as admin' to be safe..)

copy the following file line, making sure you change the last part "alm017-196.bin" to reflect the newest file name:

C:\Update\dfu-util-0.8-binaries\win32-mingw32\dfu-util.exe dfu-util -a 0 -d 0x0483:0xdf11 --dfuse-address 0x08000000 -D c:/alm017-196.bin

in CMD, right click and paste. update should execute.

saved this as a .txt file for myself (dont know who wrote it) like always you can usually get information from the main thread. This has been quoted there several times.
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