Tocante problem/troubleshooting

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Tocante problem/troubleshooting

Post by Setherian » Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:25 am

I got a Tocante with a problem, since I was not able to talk about it with Peter yet, I was hoping someone could shed some light upon it..

Ive noticed one of this days that it started to (over)heat when I was powering it up with a dc adapter, it worked perfectly for many weeks (its a new one) but yeah one of this days I noticed it was getting super hot on the surface, in the sandrodes but next to location of dc adapter input.

The sound was still fine though, but if I took the cable out the sound would simply stop or be very quite and weird. If I would plug again sound would be fine but then of course it would heat it all up again.

SO I unscrewed my Bisstab and noticed only one weird thing, the inductor was not soldered with the label perpendicular to the joints but diagonally, an since the area where it heats up is around there I thought that was the problem, so I tried to rearrange the inductor , actually I needed two solderng irons, for each joint so a friend came over and we heated the joints and I tried to take the inductor out, but when I did do, half the base of it dismembered, getting stuck in the joint while the rest of inductor got succesfully out, I freaked out and sort of placed it back, I have no idea if the inductor is fucked or ifts ok with half base off it..

So I thought well, i will probably need to buy a new inductor but i cannot find any info on it, it ust says 106MC on top, no clue what to do with that info and Peter didnt reply so.. what you guys think of all this?

Currently the tocante is at the side, charging under the sun even though I dont know if it really needs it because the charge monitoring leds dont work anymore!

One thing I should mention is that I have been playing a lot with conductive materials on the surface (coins, conductive wool n foam) and if I do that with my Zenert plugged on the wall, it also actually warms up a bit...but nothing like what happened to my Bisstab..

What you guys think?

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