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Switched on Rack - the VCV Rack collaboration album
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Author Switched on Rack - the VCV Rack collaboration album
Announcing the release of Switched on Rack Vol. 1, the collaboration album by Rack artists!

Much thanks to all who submitted (I know some of you are on Muff). This album turned out to be an enjoyable collection with lots of different styles! I'll be posting it on the website in the next update. Also thanks to Sergei Moistus for mastering and album artwork and Kori Elg for managing the Bandcamp page.

The album is free, but you can "name your price" to donate to the VCV Rack project and help fund maintenance and promotion of the Switched on Rack series as more volumes are released.

If you'd like to participate in Vol. 2, stay tuned for more information in the upcoming weeks.

Half way through listening to this. Lots of really great tracks! I'd love to participate in the next. What sort of requirements are there?
The sign-up sheet for new Switched on Rack albums is at IyQyr1i_Q6EK4/edit#gid=0
I saw that just after posting. Thanks.
Switched On Rack Vol. 2 has been released!

Album artwork by Ste Holmes:

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