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Roland Clloud stuff available outside fo the stupid 'cloud'?
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Author Roland Clloud stuff available outside fo the stupid 'cloud'?
I love the Juno 106 & Jupiter 8 in the Roland Cloud but subscription software can die in a fire for all I'm concerned. Can I buy outright access to either of these software synths?
Tal-U-No-LX is a great Juno emulation.

Diva has swappable components modeled after various analog synths including the Jupiter 8. See this comparison video between Diva and Roland Cloud, and this collection of presets from the Jupiter 8 for Diva.

Arturia has the Jupiter-8V which I haven't tried.

Serum includes some Juno wavetables, and those plus the "Hyper/Dimension" effect get me well into Juno territory, although Serum is obviously not designed to be a direct emulation by any stretch.
I believe the answer to your question is no, the only to get the software outside of the cloud/subscription service is to buy Roland boutique hardware.

I will also recommend Tal-U-NO-Lx as an excellent Juno emulation with no cloud nonsense and a very light CPU hit.
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