Ubik (For Philip K. Dick)

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Ubik (For Philip K. Dick)

Post by asymptote » Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:39 am

Today is Philip K. Dick's 89th birthday! To commemorate the event, I have recorded a humble drone/noise piece. It is a meditation on the processes of psychic dissolution in the fluorescence of consumer culture.

“One invisible puff-puff whisk of economically priced Ubik banishes compulsive obsessive fears that the entire world is turning into clotted milk, worn-out tape recorders and obsolete iron-cage elevators, plus other, further, as-yet-unglimpsed manifestations of decay.”
~Philip K. Dick

All analog, except for some modest EQ and compression introduced in Ableton Live. Safe when taken as directed.

https://soundcloud.com/presentabsent/ub ... lip-k-dick

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