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Little problem with PB
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Author Little problem with PB
Recently I started to experience a problem with PB sequencer clock input socket, for some reason, it doesn't get the signal until I wiggle a cable inside the socket and at a certain point it finally starts working, but if I touch the cable slightly it loses the signal easily. It's the same with every cable so it's not the case of bad banana jack.

Should be something with the socket itself of course, but before I open PB I want to ask for an advice: does anyone had the same problem and if so, what is the best solution? Is it difficult to replace the banana socket on PB or maybe it's still easy to fix it somehow?

Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: I decided to open it up just to see what could cause the problem, checked the socket from the inside and it looked ok, but after assembled PB tried the sequencer again it didn't start, no matter if I touch the connector or not... So any ideas and solutions are very welcome!
Ok... Got it fixed...

Even if the soldering looks ok, it doesn't mean it is actually in order, so I took the soldering tool and just touched slightly the place between the "socket tail" and the "ring" where the old soldering was - the result was instant. Just in case if you have the same problem - don't worry it's really easy and fast to fix it.
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