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New editors for Shruthi and Ambika
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Author New editors for Shruthi and Ambika
Copied from GS, I do not know the developer but this might be useful for some folks here



I finished testable versions of my editors/controllers for mutable instrument discontinued synths : the Shruthi and the Ambika.

More info & code source :
GitHub -

Binaries for mac and windows :

Those editors talk directly to your synth without any DAW midi routing, so they're easy to setup.
Your DAW parameters, the UI, and the synth will stay in sync. Modify on one of the 3, the 2 others will follow.

All parameters are editable and most of them are automatable from your DAW.
The Shruthi and Ambika sequencers are totally editable from the UI.
Ambika voices allocation can be part of the preset.
The UI is clean and fully resizable.

When loading a track containing the plugin, the full preset will be send to your sound module and you'll get your sound back without any additional manipulation.

You can download and test them without any restriction, if you find them usefull and decide to keep them, please follow the paypal link from inside the editor, they're cheap (10€ / 15€).

Let me know if you have any remark or questions,

Thanks skyshaver,

I'm the developper and asked for this post because i didn't have the 2 posts required to create a new thread .

Those editors are available for both macOs and windows as standalone or plugin (VST/AudioUnit) versions.

Let me know if anywone has remarks of questions,


Looks dope! Can't wait to try this out, thanks!
awesome thanks
Assuming this is PreenFM Xavier since this looks just like the PreenFM2 editor which has always worked great.
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