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Limit pitch range as solution for 222e pitch jitter?
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Author Limit pitch range as solution for 222e pitch jitter?

Hey, guys. I've been through search for discussion of the 222e pitch jitter issue, and jitter generally. I've encountered this problem only last night, trying to get chords to stay in tune using three or four voices. They never stay in tune. The notes are floating sharp and flat constantly, and unplanned random dissonance is constantly cropping up.

Question: Is it helpful at all to limit the pitch range by dialing up the base frequency of the oscillator, attenuating the pitch CV on the oscillator, and applying the entire 1,000 available CV values on the 222e over a more limited range of options?

If yes, I think I could make this work by having a tight frequency band for each voice that I want to include in a chord.

If no, how do people solve this problem? I'm guessing it involves running the 222e CV through a 256e, or similar, on its way to the pitch CV in of the oscillator.

Apologies if this has already been covered and I didn't find it.

Happy wiggling to all!


The cv outs of the 222e on mine are stable. On a volt meter I see maybe a little jitter for 1/100th of volt but thats like 1cent of jitter which shouldn't be obnoxiously noticeable.

You say you really notice it on chords. Are you sure all your oscillators are scaled properly for 1.2v/oct? I'd think that's where you'd be more likely to find the problems.

If it really is jittering a lot on the 222e outs it might have a problem.

Its also possible the outputs of the 222e are slightly scaled differently so a note played through one output will sound differently than on another though mine is pretty good output to output (especially compared to the 225e!)

In general the 200e system is not great for diatonic polyphonic music. It can certainly be done but it requires a bit of time and work to get it going right.

One of my few complaints about the system is the lack of attenuation on the outputs of sequencers and the 225e. I feel like this would have made calibrating the entire system a lot easier.
Do you have a 251e? You might be able to use that as a quantizer?

rattlework wrote:
Do you have a 251e? You might be able to use that as a quantizer?

No. I used to. Sold it. I only have 12U to play with. In using the 251e, I eventually came to the conclusion that dealing with setting it up using the encoder and the beat values was somewhat inorganic in terms of interacting with the instrument and ultimately not all that much different from using MIDI through the 225e. When I expand my system, I will probably add a 252e or 250e or maybe both.

Thank you for the advice. Ditto to rayce. And I got a PM from a certain Buchla wizard in Oregon. Thank you to him as well.

I think I'm going to limit my multiple voices to two for now to limit this problem. Two voices with the 261e pri and the DPO A is making nice notes, nice chords.


When I want to play chords, I program in each chord to one pad (3 sets of CVs going to 3 oscillators). Essentially a custom tuning per oscillator to sound in key.

I tried "making chords" like a piano, found it to be too difficult.

You should email BEMI.
I have a 223e and I've had fun getting 4-voice polyphony for a while now. I'm a big 'chord guy' and I've never heard the slightest bit of pitch jitter.

- John
There should be absolutely no jitter with any (static) CV output on the 222e/223e.
Of course, if you use a location or pressure out.... Mr. Green
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