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PSA: New Timeline firmware adds Midi THRU with other fixes
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Author PSA: New Timeline firmware adds Midi THRU with other fixes
Pretty self explanatory title...I've always been bothered by the midi implementation on the timeline, and it looks like most all my complaints have been addressed in the new firmware (November 2017), along with some bug fixes.

From Strymon:
What’s new?
MIDI Clock
-Added midi clock per preset functionality. The MIDI CL (MIDI clock) parameter is no longer found in the GLOBLS menu. It is now available in the PARAMS menu to be saved independently for each preset.
-Added THRU mode for a true MIDI Through option which passes incoming MIDI messages to the MIDI Out jack without merging messages generated by the pedal.
-ON mode (from previous Firmware revisions) has been renamed MERGE, and merges messages generated by the pedal with incoming MIDI messages.
-Nixie 1.0
-Compatibility with Strymon Nixie 1.0.
What’s fixed?
-HF audio fidelity of the LOOPER has been improved.
-Resolved issue where the Vinyl effect from the LO-FI delay machine is missing in new custom presets. Also, adjusting the Vinyl level while in bypass no longer turns on the Vinyl effect.
-Resolved issue for MultiSwitch when EXP MD is in LOOPER mode, other EXP modes were broken.
-Resolved issue where repeated presses of the UNDO parameter during LOOPER playback with no overdubs would glitch the looper playback.
-Resolved issued where remote tap controller message is not sent out via midi.
-Resolved issue where setting the GRIT parameter to 0 when using the FILTER delay machine would kill the filtering effect on the delay repeats.
-Resolved issue when pedal is receiving MIDI Clock where only 23 pulses were counted the first time through its first cycle.
-Resolved issue where selecting a preset with full wet mix made the dry signal come on.
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