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Wave-based XY displacement?
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Author Wave-based XY displacement?
<- so I was mucking about with after effects and GIF size reduction techniques for a bit...

I'm curious. Is there a device that can modulate a video signal's image displacement both horizontally and vertically? That effect there was created with a triangle-shape displacement in one direction, with square displacement in another, but had to be rendered offline...

It'd be pretty dang neat to setup a device to intermittently trigger these displacements, lending some glitchiness to a live audio-visual performance or stream.

Original vid showing the effect I'm going for (before the significant GIF file size carnage) is here:
I guess the answer is: no, there isn't such a device. However, software exists that can do this. I've used XY displacement in FFmpeg using the displace and remap filters, but only postprocessing, not in real time. Maybe someday I'll have a computer in my video rig powerful enough to do that. I expect that would be awesome in a feedback loop.

So I imagine it might be done using 2 video inputs and 1 video output. The first stream would be the video to be processed and the second stream could provide 2 planes for X and Y displacement. The second stream could come from a video synth. Even ramps would do some powerful transformations. FFmpeg can do some of these directly. E.g. the displace examples.
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