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Reversed Sounds
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Author Reversed Sounds
Hey wigglers,

I've been listening to a LOT of Floex recently (if you haven't listened already, I highly recommend his album Zorya and his two game OST's Samorost 3 and Machinarium). All three are masterpieces in my opinion. Anyways, in the first track off Zorya, Ursa Major, there's this awesome transition where some kind of reversed sound culminates in a gentle piano key strike. It happens from about 30s to 33s in the following link:

So I wanted to open up a discussion about good field/acoustic sounds that sound great reversed and general audio editing techniques for reversing samples.

As soon as I saw the name Floex I was going to leave a comment gushing over that specific track, Ursa Major. I am in love with the build up of the lead synth that comes in around 2:40. Still one of my go-to tracks years later. I love his use of clarinet in all his tracks too.

Any way, yeah man, reversed sounds are awesome. I actually made a video a few years ago about some techniques I employ in Ableton Live for composing with the intent of using reverse sound design. Essentially it is to write a midi pattern you like, flip that midi pattern (not sure if your DAW can do this or not), bounce to audio, and then reverse the audio. Because you flipped the midi, you'll be back to your originally intended melody/chord progression, but with the benefit of all that reversed sound design.

Here's the vid:
voicedrifter wrote:

Here's the vid:

awesome! SlayerBadger!
I frequently take a stereo pair, pan each side between 40 and 45 then duplicate the source (s), throw a reverse reverb on each of the duplicates, around 80% wet and pan them hard left and hard right. Mix in the reversed source until you have a huge, spacious sound.

But more to the point of the op, reversed samples edited right at the zero point, nudged up to the downbeat on the 1 is massive and awesome. Fade in a reversed long 808 the hits with the same 808 sample but forward, massive build up and pay off.

It's all about the edit.
voicedrifter wrote:
As soon as I saw the name Floex I was going to leave a comment gushing over that specific track, Ursa Major.

Good to know fellow Floex gushers are out there; they come in short supply. But thanks so much for that video man, really creative solution.

we're not worthy
I use an old boss dd6 for reverse sound. It has a particular flavour that i like...
Haven't done it in a while but I record with reverb and then reverse it. Works well for adding interest to vocals too. Eg leading up to a word or phrase.
Thx for great tips. we're not worthy
After reading this I have managed this technique with Cubase 5.5,
Meaning reversing MIDi, exporting audio and reversing audio.
but you have to keep all the notes same lengths,
Otherwise it’s a mess.
I am using Celeste from Halion, what else do you use?
Thank you again voicedrifter !
voicedrifter wrote:

Here's the vid:

screaming goo yo

thumbs up
Anything with a sharp attack and long delay like crash cymbals sound great reversed I think. Pitching them down can create some great bass sounds too.
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