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MU Panel for CV.OCD
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Author MU Panel for CV.OCD
Has anyone created an MU panel for the CV.OCD? It's a great little box but the 3.5mm jacks are a nuisance, and being little it tends to get pulled around by the numerous cables. I'd prefer something like this with the electronics concealed:

Device reference threads:
Nice layout but I think you'll want to add the Mode button too?

CV.OCD has three LED indicators:
 The BLUE LED indicates MIDI activity
 The YELLOW LED usually indicates presence of a MIDI clock and blinks on each beat. Some other actions use this LED to show special statuses. These will be described in this text.
 The RED LED shows that the device is powered

CV.OCD is very configurable, but all configuration changes must be made over MIDI. In fact, there is only one button on the
box, and it has the following functions:
Press and release the button to reset the outputs. This will
 clear all held MIDI notes
 turn off all gates (see note)
 set all CV outputs to zero (see note)
 reset note cycle modes to the first note
 reset clock dividers
 The yellow LED blinks once when the reset is registered.
 a CV mapped to a pitch bend will go to it half-voltage position (no bend) on reset.
 A CV mapped to a fixed voltage will not reset. An “all notes off” gate will be triggered.
Press and hold the button for about 2 seconds to save the current configuration. The configuration will be restored next
time CV.OCD is switched on. The yellow LED blinks a second time once the save takes place. Note that patches loaded via
Sysex are always saved. The button is only needed if you want to save the current state after making “live” changes using
NRPN messages.
The button also has a special use at power up so that new firmware can be uploaded. This process will be described later in
this manual
JohnLRice wrote:
Nice layout but . . .

Agree, all good. Design revised. I would probably implement the pushbutton function as a momentary toggle, taking up a bit less space. Also I should say that this layout reflects my typical use of three or four distinct voices, even though the cv.oct can be used in other ways. Still, has anyone already done a similar panel and willing to share your design?

Cool idea. I think it looks pretty good as is, but the reset and midi input look a little cramped. I'd consider removing the power LED, and moving the reset switch up to the middle row, if that's possible. I really like the boxed 1-4 numbers, not so much the <5-12> numbers. It would be cool if you could keep the boxes for the 5-12 jacks. Either way, nice work! This would be a very handy module in 5U. applause
For the Reset/Mode switch you could maybe replace one of LEDs (like the middle one) with a momentary push button switch that has a built in LED, like the ones Moon uses in their modules?

So something like this?

Finished this a while back but forgot to update this post. I settled on this layout and it has worked out well. Note that (1) the four CV outputs are doubled as a convenience (to reduce multiples) and (2) gates 9-12 are omitted.

The CV.OCD board (only) is mounted on the panel and powered by a stomp box supply. The panel was made for me by Ben Marshall (MW synthnut,

The CV.OCD has a couple of distinct uses in my setup:
- As a poly controller for playing chords, pads, etc. from DAW or keyboard
- Linked to a Beatstep for real-time remote control of synth CV and gate parameters

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