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296e paired with ext>all becomes glitchy
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Author 296e paired with ext>all becomes glitchy
Michael Tiemann
Dunno how many of you all have two 296e modules, but I've noticed that when one feeds the other via ext>all, sometimes from the start, sometimes after 10 minutes, the 296e receiving the ext>all starts dropping bits. On the display, I see flickers on the program that don't correspond to steady lights on the envelope view of the unit providing the spectrum source.

When I manually connect all the CV outs of the spectrum source to the CV ins of the second unit, the glitches go away. This tells me that perhaps the UARTs have somehow lost their sync or good connection.

Has anybody seen this? I'm making a list of modules to send in for service. Alas, it seems to happen regardless of which unit I treat as first and which I treat as second (both according to the ext>all selections and by changing the DIP switches so that one unit identifies as A or B and the other as B or A, respectively).
Yes, and only in ext/all mode. With physical patching it works perfect.

I wrote about this in 2011... No improvement since then :

"It seems some VCAs on the slave are blocked/stucked, you cant control them no more with the master…
Seems to be aleatory, or connected to the speed or/and level of the master.
I don't really know how to get out when some VCAs stay open, trying to pass through all the modes, on the two modules, sometimes works."
Michael Tiemann
Thanks for the answer. I've worked out a cross-patching scheme whereby I can feed one input to odd/A and even/B and another input to even/A and odd/B. I can then run odd>even on one unit, even>odd on the other, and sum the all outputs to get a clean 16-band application. Would be more elegant if the ext>all function worked, however.
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