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Started a Eurorack Vlog on Youtube
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Author Started a Eurorack Vlog on Youtube

Patch Notes:
-The piece starts off with a simple square wave Moog pattern, run through 4ms DLD and Strymon Big Sky set to a lush shimmer pitched reverb (I believe it was 4ths for the interval?)
-Assign output sends a divided clock out to the second Moog for the bassline (filtered saw wave with a little manual manipulation of filter cutoff)
-The lead on the top is a filtered square from Moog number three with a generous amount of pitch drift via it's own LFO
-Sequencer clock is passed out of the second Moog into the Korg SQ1 set to random direction with only a handful of gates enabled. This serves as random triggers to the clock input for the third lead pattern, which serves to evolve the piece via generative advancement of that pattern.
-All drums in this piece are old programmed loops that I arranged in Ableton Live and tossed under the video for fun; for the purists out there they're not strictly a part of this modular performance but I liked how they fit with the piece so there you go! smile

Patch Notes:
-4ms DLD clock out provides master clock for the patch, via Synthrotek '07 Buffered Multiple
-One line of clock signal goes to Mutable Instruments Branches, which is divided to provide a 4-on-the-floor 808 kick pattern with the Tip Top BD808
-Bass line is a square wave to LP filter with a little LFO filter modulation on it, sequenced using the Mother's built-in sequencer
-Bass & plucked lead are run through an effects send to Strymon Big Sky for room reverb
-Plucked lead is another square wave to LP filter with short plucky attack/decay envelope
-Plucked lead is run through an effects send to 4ms DLD for stereo delay that is taking triggers from Mutable Instruments Branches to randomly enable/disable reverse delay on either channel
-Third synth voice is a classic Moog lead controlled by the Arturua Keystep's CV outputs
-Keystep MOD out is split via the '07 Mult and routed to two channels of Mutable Instruments Veils VCA
-First VCA channel provides simple attenuation before routing the Keystep's touch strip (mod) signal to the Moog's filter cutoff frequency
-The second VCA channel takes in a Moog triangle LFO and modulates LFO amount via the Keystep's MOD output. Attenuated signal is then sent to the Moog's VCO modulation for a subtle vibrato
Hey, it's great to see another person sharing their modular journey on YT! I've recently gotten into it myself (not bought anything yet, just playing with software atm) and these videos are really helpful. I love the soft pad and drone noises you were able to achieve with such a small setup!
Nice! The patch notes format definitely has legs. thumbs up
Thanks so much guys! cptnal it means a lot that you keep coming back to support the vids!

Patch Notes:
-Using midi clip envelopes in Ableton Live through the Mother 32 assign out as master clock source
-Disting Mk4 is configured as a quantized sample-and-hold, triggered by random pulses spit out of Mutable Instruments Branches
-Pitch changes from the Disting are fed into Mutable Instruments Rings, with slow LFO modulation from the top Mother modulating the brightness parameter. Also did a little manual manipulation of the structure parameter.
-Bass line is just a repeating 4-note sequence on the Mother 32 with a simple filtered square wave
-Lead is another simple filtered sawtooth wave, played in real time on the Ableton push, with a little manual manipulation of filter cutoff
-Field recordings were taken today using a Zoom H2n of children playing and birds singing in the park just outside my front door
-4ms DLD and Strymon Big Sky on effects sends out of the mixer for delay & reverb, respectively
You got a Rings! I'm so disappointed. waah
Lol, is that taboo or something?
It is in my house. But hey, I hear some people like it so... seriously, i just don't get it
Looks and sounds great! w00t
Thanks soulmender!

Patch Notes:
-In this little jam I was just practicing duplicating and saving subtle variations to sequenced patterns on the Moog, leading to more performance options of larger arrangements.
-4ms DLD provides master clock
-Initial pattern started out as a simple Moog patch with lots of animation coming from the Malekko Voltage Block. After hooking everything up I randomized the VB sequences a few times and stumbled across this little loop that I liked
-Animated loop goes through the 4ms DLD for some mono delay
-Secondary voice (the one panned to the right) is just a simple square voice with some pulse width modulation from the LFO and reverb from the Strymon Big Sky
-Gate signal from second voice serves as a clock for the bass voice, progressing one step through a sequenced pattern each time the second voice generates a gate. Bass is a simple saw patch with a little bit of reverb from the Strymon Big Sky
-Mutable Instruments Branches channel 2 is just doing a little clock division
-Channel 8 on the Voltage Block is also performing clock division, a 4-on-the-floor trigger to TipTop BD808 for a kick drum
-Korg SQ-1 is configured in dual sequence mode, with gates being sent to the TipTop SD808 and RS808 for additional percussion
-Drums are mixed in Mutable Instruments Veils
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