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24/12/ journey! (Now with video) & more DIY
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Author 24/12/ journey! (Now with video) & more DIY
Just another rookie

It's too late to turn back now!
So far I have this, But I think I need help/guidance.

Musically my interests are quite varied but I love old drum and bass.
I'd like some thoughts on my first row on a machine capable of live diddling.
(Most often into cans, but occasionally......once I master the machine..........louder!)
Then....Maybe at some point with the ability to run turntable(s)/mixer in.

This bit I'd like to function as the start of a drum machine type section?
I've looked at thonk (diy) and the odd items from synthrotek(diy).....particularly the mult!
(First idea was the division 6 twice the price thing)

I spoke to the guy at emis for the doepfer owners club.....which I will probably do later in the year.

So yeah, one row.....but just for drums.....mostly diy?
What are your thoughts please?

((P.s. This will be my first synth I'm a noob etc but I don't think I'm a hipster?)
Not sure what a hipster is anyway...... did make a few bits on reason years ago, I liked it......did radio as drum n bass DJ for several years......occasionally but I'm no good, guitar.
Nano studio....iPad. That was pretty good.
Audulus 3, I'm having fun with that......made a noise toaster from the schematic onto stripboard.....kind of works.....and then (but still on breadboard) an 8 step sequencer for the toaster, using lots of bits from other people's circuits.....seems to work, basically a baby 8 with glide......

Short version;
Kind of like jamming on things.....this seems like the next step up from the noise toaster......))
Cheers Guinness ftw!
Roland Scooper chops up drum loops like a champ. Or if you have the Sampleslicer on drum duties, you can use the Scooper to trigger one shot samples with a VCA.

Besides that, it has a bunch of very very useful utility modules built in that you can check out here:
Just another rookie
Hi thanks for the reply....and the heads up.
The unit looks pretty cool, but, it uses a lot of juice!
Other than that, the quest I went on after looking around at various bits on the web led me into buying 3 more modules! Cheers. (Genuine not sarcastic!)

Still need a case......
But now I also (once delivered) will own;
Klavis twin waves
Doepfer A-147-2 (in sexy red)
And I bottled the build....because I want something working right away, and after looking at the 2hp module, can I solder like that? Can I F*#%.
So I got the MST output module ready made.

Hopefully soon I'll get a case and some patch cables!

If I clicked the correct button (panel colours)
I have this in boxes! Happy days......
Just another rookie
Hoping to spark some interest and maybe some input too!
Some build pics of Ray Wilson's noise toaster.

On bread board. (Works but twitchy!)

On strip board.

Test rig (temporary).....still is.......but it works!

Basically a baby 8. Clocked into LFO on toaster.

Shameless bump over.
sad banana
Just another rookie
Ahhh yeahhhhhhhh

Just another rookie
Latest addition

What next? (Excluding a case!)
Just another rookie
I have just received the chronoblob and 2hp vca.
(Also inc. 2 pair rack ears and a bag of cables)
Felt like a long time coming.....nod to J for sorting me out.

Happy days.

Everything else is on order or reserved.
(2hp clk and Erica synths mult)

My first row.......


Hopefully I can own this by the end of the year.....

Although I'm not entirely certain on the Roland unit.
Perhaps I should say, Something like this.
Just another rookie

This thing is so much fun. Way better than any thing on a screen.
Wednesday my power supply arrived.
(Box under construction for a 3u 19” rack ear unit)
Which will need to last at least a year.

Wednesday looked like this!

I played on it until sleep took over.
Then I played with it until I got backache from sitting awkward, then I moved and played with it until my ankle hurt from sitting slightly altered awkward, then I played with it until the headphones gave me earlobe ache, which I didn’t even know was a thing!

Ordered a few more modules, they arrive Monday.

Only difference is the adsr is in black.

Favourite thing so far, the hold button on the chronoblob!
Love this unit, love the jack sockets!

So far, a bunch of thanks to Jason, David and James.
@ signalsound, Postmodular and elevator sound respectively.

These guys did me a favour. applause
Just another rookie
Wasn’t expecting this until Monday!

Happy days except I cannot use them immediately.
But oooh, I love the Erica synths panel.
6hp version looks better in my opinion.
Form over function!

Is the sample slicer planned soon?
Just another rookie
Hi, yes but it’s an unknown.
Thonk mailing list.

Judging by the instructions it should be a fairly straightforward build.
As far as I can tell it’s pretty much just jacks and nuts with all smd stuff complete for you!

Ideal for someone like me........
You're clearly adept at DIY. Have you considered the 4MS PEG?

It's the best value DIY kit imho, and really opens up a lot of modulation capabilities in a small rack.

(Also, I really hope youre planning on DIY'ing the RCD breakout from scratch, and not going to buy the kit)
Just another rookie

That’s funny because......

I’ve only been involved with electronics as a hobby for about 2 years.
Musically that was my first project that made it to a board.
Atari punk on a breadboard, sequencer on a breadboard.
Some Leds in a model aircraft.
A voltage doubler. That’s it!
Oh and a make shift power supply.
Dabbled a bit with a few other things, dodgy function generator and whatever schematics I could find online. You know, just piecing bits and pieces together, learning I guess?

Honestly I took me a good few weeks to plan it onto strip board.
It also took us (my brother did the soldering, he’s better at it, I was on component and wire duties, as it was my plan, I knew what I was looking at) a couple days to solder up two identical boards.
But what a headache it was! Although strangely fun/exciting/nerve racking.
(This is all his fault! He is an actual musician (guitar/bass/keys) I’m just a punk actual knowledge of theory!). I can sort of play a guitar but only when compared to someone who can’t!

At some point I’ll be asking about switches and jacks. I’m sure the components would be maybe half the cost of a kit? A few switches and some vero? Header block & wire. What else?

I quite like the idea of hydro dipping/marbling blank panels.
They seem small enough and the hydro kits cheap enough that it could be a nice learning experience.

Hydro decals look awesome!

My electronics album on Flickr.

Edit, wow the rcd breakout kit is just six switches, one wired block and a panel!

Haven’t even looked at the PEG! (My modular knowledge is close to zero!)
But I will. (I did look at befaco rampage)
Well I looked at a bunch of kits, but I thought I’d get something working first.

Now I’m skint and slightly (double) over budget!
maybe i want the ginko slicer out of my rack next month.
i need space. any interest >pm.
Just another rookie
Probably won’t have the space or funds for the first row.

But thanks. Maybe mid January I would’ve entertained the idea.

After the clk/mult I got one of these!

Each item totally transformed my synth.

Most notably actually was the clock, I had to trigger out from osc1 sq. out into a-147-2 then use sq. out to sync delay......long.
And restrictive.

The mult. Need more options.

So, omsonic.
Mult and flf filter. On the way.

I’m close to getting sssr labs clock divider and the Erica synths headphones out in diy.
That would leave 8hp.

Patch heaven!
Just another rookie
Just another rookie

Omsonic pair.
Buff mult has bicolour leds.
Both have sexy panels, really like the ON light in the FLF. Nice touch.

Once again both units have been used extensively yesterday. (All Day!)

So now my rack looks like this!
Dude! What are you trying to do to my head? Took me a few seconds to realise the top part was a mosaic of close-ups. dizzy

Looks cool though. Chronoblob is hella fun. SlayerBadger!
Just another rookie
Sorry man!
Kinda funny though......
Yeah the blob is my most used/loved item, by far!
It really makes this little kit way more musical/rhythmic/enjoyable!

So, the shortest lived case in history!
Due for a rebuild already!

Loads of fun but I went mad and added this......

Perhaps I’ll entertain you now slumberjack!
Just another rookie
Borrowed a bunch of Korg stuff from my brother.
And sq1
Really cool!
(And apogee jam)
SQ-1 is pretty amazing for the price, if you enjoy it try to find one second hand, they're built solid as a rock thumbs up
Just another rookie
Yeah the sq1 is pretty cool!
The only problem I have with it, well there are two;
The batteries keep running out right when I’m in the middle of a (well I think) great little noodle sesh & this is a big AND, clocking issues....seems to skip steps using the CLK almost like it triggers on both rising and falling edges?
That is easily fixed using the brst but it seems like a waste of that module.
Perhaps a gate to trig circuit would work?
I did read about attenuating the clock output somewhere here on muffs.

Monday 19th
Did the only thing I could. (Borrowed the mad looking multi plug for the Korg stuff and)
Got a sequencer module!
(Old tank but, can’t find much bad about it)
And a simple mixer in the mx61.

Another shot for ya (@cptnal)

Love the sticker!
Still haven’t used the sequencer because I need a 5v adapter which is in the post.......still........

And the business card appears to be a viable ring mod circuit!
(Is it worth building?)
Answers on a postcard or even better, anywhere down below!
If it is worth building, I have a funky idea for a faceplate.

There’s more!
Although I haven’t fully explored it yet.......

Tea kick at dawn.
(Possibly) joy!

So, when they deliver the 5v adapter I’ll also be getting the dreadbox divider and the MI shades module.

Which leads me to another question.
Which may be dumb.....but I think it should work......

If I fit the 5v adapter to one bus board, then run a trace between it and a second bus board, using the spade fittings kindly provided by Mr Doepfer ....will I get 5v on the second bus?

I think that’s it for now! seriously, i just don't get it
Just another rookie wrote:
Another shot for ya (@cptnal)

What's this "@" nonsense? This ain't Twatter, bro dawg!

But really, is it any wonder I have to wear glasses!

Guinness ftw!
Just another rookie

Just another rookie

What a wait.....what a what!

I ordered a 5v adapter......which wasn’t in stock. waah
(Order placed same day as the sq8/mx61.)
Advised to look elsewhere I discovered the klavis no drain!
(I’m Glad the original plan backfired!)

Swapped 5v adapter for a pack of leads (roughly same cost.....)
Still a long lead time on the doepfer unit (which was a replacement for the mutable unit, which wasn’t/isn’t available).

Good stuff.

Ordered the klavis unit.
Still have a sequencer gathering dust hmmm.....
Otherwise happy happy happy.

What a great thing the shades is!
Truly transformed my fact I may weld them together.
Definitely a better buzz than the adsr!

Everybody needs something like a shades.....whatever units they may be!
The bicolour lights are a real good thing!

Can’t wait for the third attempt at obtaining a 5v adapter!

Moog cables seem very much like the black market ones in terms of thickness/rigidity

One more unit to collect Friday then I’m absolutely skint!
No more modules for a long time!

Hopefully (apart from one or two things I’m looking at)
I won’t need anymore..........

Must build a new (or adapt the old) case!
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