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Buchla 400 - Alessandro Cortini
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Author Buchla 400 - Alessandro Cortini
Alessandro Cortini just posted a short piece on his newly restored Buchla 400 .

It's peanut butter jelly time!
Wow SlayerBadger!
Triple wow SlayerBadger!SlayerBadger!SlayerBadger!

Had to look up some more info on this one, had never seen what the computer interface looked like until this video. Good reference page:

Interesting to see that the block diagram shows a printer connection!

I know Alessandro doesn't post here anymore, but it would be awesome if he did an extended overview of the 400.

Found this clip on Soundcloud too, sounds amazing:

sempervirent wrote:
Good reference page:

I've scanned that page about a million times; I find the 400 series super fascinating. Particularly the following segment, which is an idea I try to keep in mind...the "score" as an interactive object:

FOR THE LISTENER, who is the final link in the musical chain, the Buchla 400 offers some unusual possibilities. With the capability of storing complete scores on cassette tape or plug-in cards, the instrument serves as an idealized playback medium, recreating the composer's intent with uncompromised fidelity. If he chooses, the listener can display a score and interact with it at any level, from modifying balances, tempi, or instrumentation, to completely reconfiguring a composition. Thus the listener may abandon his role of passive consumer, and become a creative producer of the acoustic experience.

Of course, it's clear that not many "listeners" wanted to put down the money required to have this sort of listening experience at the time d'oh!

Worth mentioning, also, that the 400 series is in large part the subject of the Buchla Keyboard mag interview: a-conversation-with-don-buchla

Very fascinating instrument, with which not a lot of literature has been produced outside Mort's "Double Life of Amphibians," etc. Very happy to see Alessandro digging into it, would really really love to see and hear more of what this oddity can do/how it works.
Yeah, the description itself was pretty fascinating. The idea of a composer selling cassettes that allowed listeners to remix compositions on the same exact hardware was way ahead of its time (lack of audience notwithstanding).

Thanks for the other link too, will check that out.

Have to wonder if there's any documentation out there that would allow this instrument to come back in some form, even as software.
Buchla U.S.A.
Great work, as per usual!
It made a special appearance in the most insane episode of the new Twin Peaks BTW.
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