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Any idea what may be causing distortion in a STS UAP?
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Author Any idea what may be causing distortion in a STS UAP?
I’m the proud new owner of a serge blue voice I bought here on the forum but unfortunately the oscillators don’t seem to be tracking perfectly and more annoyingly the Universal audio proccesor seems to be broken. At first I thought it was just the oscillators but I bypassed the uap and went straight from the oscillators and then straight from the variable q filter and I heard no distortion. I’m hoping this will be an easy fix since I have to crack it open and calibrate the oscillators anyways. Has this happened to anybody else? Really kind of regretting going the sts road since they seem to charge so much for repairs.. any help would be appreciated especially if you’re in New York. Thanks.
Maybe a bad opamp ic? Assuming they are socketed it would be really easy to pop em out and put some new ones in and only cost a few bucks. Could also check any diodes on the board are all working? Might also give Rex a call to talk it over with him. Ive found him very generous with his time and knowledge.
Figured it out! It was the cv coming from the format jumbler, there was a loose jack that was causing a bad ground connection to the power supply. Vco still need a calibration though. Grounding issues = weird shit
synthysynth wrote:
Grounding issues = weird shit

Always the first thing I check when going bananas. It's peanut butter jelly time!
Different every time too. Glad you sussed it.
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