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Instant Low-FI Junky issues.
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Author Instant Low-FI Junky issues.
I've just got one of these pedals, what I'm finding is that the compressor is very severe, and you can't turn it off, is this normal? as there is a knob for comp, or lo-fi. I use mine on synths, and even on pads with a soft attack the Junky accentuates the attack so much it's almost unusable.
It's sort of spoiled the effect of the pedal for me, abd I'm thinking of replacing it with seperate EQ and chorus pedals.
Yeah, I asked something similar in an earlier LoFi Junky thread without anyone really chiming in.

Love the character of the effect, and the extreme compression works pretty well with a guitar into an amp... but as a direct thing, it basically gives you a hard click type of attack which is not something I'm very fond of.

I'll likely replace it with the new Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl "hi-fi" at some point.
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