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Help with Easel BOB Expander pulser in and 200e pulse out.
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Author Help with Easel BOB Expander pulser in and 200e pulse out.
I’m having a bit of trouble triggering the pulser in on the amazing BOB Expander. I did a test with the mod cv out and it seems to work, as well as my finger. For some reason if I use any other pulse out it doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve shot a quick video:

Anyone able to use a 200e pulse out with the BOB Expander pulser in?
You wrote me it was working with your Verbos and 4ms eurorack modules as well.
Is it still working with these ?

Having no access to a 200e system, I can't reproduce the patch and test the issue.

The pulser in is a Schmitt trigger circuit with a CD4093 to convert the incoming pulse into a short trigger, so the pulser period doesn't depend on the pulse length. This is why your finger can fire it. thumbs up

Hopefully someone more familiar with the 200e will be able to help.

Thank you papz for all the help! I retested and it is still working with the 4ms DLD clock out and Verbos Gate outs. It's peanut butter jelly time!

I’m a lay person but maybe the 200e pulse out is low voltage or the pulse length has something to do with it? I’m going to try to do some test with a multimeter tonight.

Anyone else have both that could do a quick test? The BOB Expander is amazing and I’d love to figure out how to get it working with 200e modules.
It works with eurorack whose standard gate or trigger signals are +5V. Thus lower voltages than Buchla.

Does it work with your Easel's 218 pulse out ?
With my 218r it works.
Great suggestion and it does work with the 218e It's peanut butter jelly time! It also works with the 281e pulse outs and the radio outs 6-9 pulses on the 223e. Though it doesn’t work with any of the pulse outputs on my 250e or the pulse out of the arpeggiation section on the 223e.

The mystery continues hmmm.....

Anyone have a 250e or 223e and the BOB expander?
Well at least I feel reassured, the problem doesn't come from the BOB. lol
I run pulses out of my 200e and 208r2 thru a 254v with a tad of CV boost to get either to trig one another.
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