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Our New LEM4 218 Snoopy (modified) pic
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Author Our New LEM4 218 Snoopy (modified) pic
Just got this from BEMI by way of Eric at Foxtone. Shot from the final testing stages. Decided to swap out the 202h/225h for a 266e Source of Uncertainty. Eric made this process really smooth. Super stoked! Ideally I would have sprung for the 267e instead with the dual filters, but I was going for an even swap and honestly don't think we'll regret it.

Check out our instagram to see it interact with our other Buchla gear:

The Galaxy Electric | Instagram

It came in the mail yesterday and with meager expectations I am very satisfied!

Only negative thing I noticed is that the legs for the LEM Boat get loose and swing when the unit is lifted. It took a couple swivels to loosen them but in inspecting the design realized that this the way it's gonna be. You can tighten the screw but it's just a threaded stand-off embedded in the side panel with a screw on each side of the boat and panel.

It's doesn't affect the functionality or usefulness of the legs in the slightest. just a little peeve.

Anyone else notice that the LEM boats legs are loose?

The modules are functioning fantastically and the build quality looks stellar!
Mine are not lose at all...they have a certain resistance and stay in all angles.
Maybe some washer is missing.
That is the exact system I have been thinking of getting for years. Would love to know what you think of it. Congrats and enjoy!

Hopefully this becomes one of the configurations that all resellers will offer smile
Charlton said to use some loctite threadlocker blue. There were no washers when I took the modules out of the boat. Do others have washers?

Really sick configuration! A lot more fun and complete system-feeling than I was expecting.
The 261e is the complete Buchla-style oscillator and has so much depth in regard to automate-able parameters, love the generous number of attenuverters.

The SoU provides the perfect amount of random crucial to the Buchla mentality with a generous number of 6 completely independent outputs for controlling all of the cv-able parameters of the oscillators and such.

The arp of the 218 with sustain pedal input for latching the arp makes you not miss a sequencer as much. Love using the pressure output to add a layer of physical expressivness to the system.

The 281h and 292h are the perfect solution to creating a mini Buchla system. The 281 is just such a killer multi-faceted module that serves as a typical AD envelope, cycling cv generator that gets into lfo territory, and ADSR thanks to quadrature mode, and it wouldn't be a buchla without a 292 with beautifully naturally decaying vactrol-driven Filter/VCAs.

I would love to add a 225e in a perfect world (or if I had an extra module space) to store patches and to provide a means of buss controlling the modules via MIDI from the 218e.

What do you think this should be called?

Skylab Mini or Saturn V (the rocket that launched the Skylab)
Looks like a powerful little system! Enjoying my little LEM quite a bit. Would love to replace my utility modules with 267e.
Precarious wrote:
Looks like a powerful little system! Enjoying my little LEM quite a bit. Would love to replace my utility modules with 267e.

Ah yes, the 267e. That would’ve been my choice, but I wanted to do an even trade for the utilities price wise.
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