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Part suggestins for DIY banana-3.5mm cables?
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Author Part suggestins for DIY banana-3.5mm cables?
Hi Everyone,

I need to make a set of cables for patching between my banana and Eurorack systems. There are a lot of choices online for parts, so I'm wondering if anyone here could direct me to the best options (ideally with Mouser numbers). What I need is:

>> Stackable banana plugs (could be soldered or solderless)

>> Braided cable, about the same exterior size as the Nazca braided cords. I guess I want single-conductor here, or is it good to have a shield attached to the sleeve on the Euro end?

>> 3.5mm jacks that will nicely match the cable.

Any suggestions would be great, thanks...
OK, a bit of poking around suggests that 18AWG silicone test wire would be good for the cable (dropping the braided idea). But I'm still hung up on the plug. What I'd really like would be the plug that's standard on many of the Pomona pre-made leads, like these: iMZZMuYRc8VvBrIhuqL%2FAF6m%2FzzJsp0lT7paSs%3D

But from what I can tell, these aren't available as single pieces. The stackable Pomonas on Mouser mostly seem to be this other type, or like this with the extra barrel on the side: MZZMtW7Xd10NdmuJ0hw%2FJ5i2UGndvmHbd8qkw%3D

But with those, it seems that the wire just sticks out the side, which would be more awkward than the other type. Or am I missing something about these?

The other type I would be OK with are the ones like SCI and Mueller, with the more triangular shape, like this: MZZMtW7Xd10NdmuOkIFMkSP6ieV0GMetOyRo4%3D

Although I had to repair one like that once, and it was a pain because I found it tricky to strip the cable in the right spot and the soldered connection made trial and error less appealing.

So I guess my main question is this -- can someone recommend a not-too-pricey part that closely resembles the one on the first Pomona link above, ideally stocked by Mouser? Or failing that, are there other alternatives that I should be considering for stackable plugs that keep the wire mostly inline with the plug? Thanks...
Would this be better in the DIY forum? Could I ask a moderator to move it?
For adapters, I posted a suggestion here.
Thanks BananaPlug -- those Pomona plugs are exactly what I'm looking for, but I'm only finding them available on pre-made cords. Do you know if they can be bought anywhere as single pieces?
What you do is buy one Pomona cable, twice as long as you want the adapter to be. Buy two mini plugs, there’s a part number in that other thread. Just cut the cable in half and put the plugs on. It’s just one solder joint per plug. Easy.
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