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Cincon 12v 8.34 amp power supply for 24u DIY buchla cabinet?
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Author Cincon 12v 8.34 amp power supply for 24u DIY buchla cabinet?
Hoping someone can help me locate one in the USA... Looking for a Cincon 12v 8.34 amp power supply. I'm having trouble finding any place to get one in the states. Mouser says "not available" :-(

Thanks for the help!
Mouser has them, here is the link:  ?qs=%2fha2pyFaduhu5zOpsuXCoYij%2flU5Lv1spJ9QX9LhKUKqaVuRX%2f%2fK856eB J2ZAOi1q1SnZYFqy%2f4%3d

Part number for the 8.34AMP version:


Cheers! - Adam
Thanks a bunch Adam! Don't know why I was having trouble finding it d'oh!
Just went through this process the other day. I had to locate the unit on Cincon's site and then look it up on mouser. For some reason Mouser doesn't have any of the specifications of the Cincon adapter in its database, so it's not really findable other than by brand or part number.
i pride myself on being able to find/source things...
i helped pustule at his home today, and finding this power supply baffled me.
thanks Adam, for knowing the part #

Sorry to dig this old thread up again, but does anyone know if a Cincon 12v 8.34 amp power supply is available with a right angle plug? If so, anyone happen to have a link to where I could grab it?

The one Djangosfire and Drillionaire helped me find above has a straight plug, and it kinda sticks out a little awkward in my setup.
You can find the same, but right angle version here: qs=sGAEpiMZZMs1jjUfAXmXyrFWf%2fJhuYWUG0OEzobEXjcqf%252b7eoe1o8g%3d%3d

Also important to note that the earlier link for the straight version only says that in the description - the datasheet on that page is for the right angle one.

Right Angle: TRH100A120-02E12-Level-VI
Straight plug: TRH100A120-12E12-Level-VI
Thanks a bunch meatcliff! I really appreciate the link w00t
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