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First Steps with Homebuilt
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Author First Steps with Homebuilt
Many thanks to oldenjon for the build.

First Steps with Homebuilt. Literally stepping thru a wave from an Envelope Generator, using a second EG's window out into the Hold of the first EG to create pitch CV sequences that goes into the Oscillator. Eventually the knob settings combine to create more arpeggiated, rather than scalar, sequence fragments. This is four videos strung together, 'cause there's different tones (kind of a cello, then horn, etc) and patch evolution also.

NOTE: In these videos, I completely mis-patched the Gate. The audio input should go into the "AC" jack with the diamond-shaped "input" symbol.

I made a patch sheet from the Homebuilt graphic on the website. I noticed that the graphic has Ring on the left and Gate on the right, whereas the actual panel has Ring on the right and Gate on the left.

0:00 Cello sound (2:47)

2:48 Keyboard synth snappy sound, devolves back to cello, with longer exploration of time & pitch variation (8:50)

8:51 Horn Synth sound. Adds 3rd EG to control the OSC's wave shape, and adds one section of the Triple Wave Shaper, with voltage control by EG #2 that's also contoling the Hold of EG #1 & EG#3. See graphic below. Trying the Ring as a VCA out to audio due to my misunderstanding of how the Gate was supposed to be patched. This one goes on a little too long (6:52), skip ahead if you're bored.

15:40 Slewed Cello with interesting but experimental (not fully under control) interval sequence (2:35).

Wow, really starts sounding like a violin around 9:15! Nice
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