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FH-1: output the internal clock possible?
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Author FH-1: output the internal clock possible?
Is it possible to output the internal clock (without any midi device connected) so it can be used as a standalone clock generator?
Anyone? seriously, i just don't get it
Yes, absolutely. Just set up a tempo-synced square LFO.
Hey Os,

My clouds and Batumi modules are not responding to the FH-1 clock out (tempo synced square lfo) and they do respond to the clock out of my Kenton midi/CV.

I'm using a beatstep controller, have it sending out a square LFO, tempo and intensity is working well and my intellijel vco's and filter are responding to the FH-1 lfo but as said, clouds and Batumi are not receiving anything on their trigger inputs.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your time!

What are the FH-1 output LEDs doing? Can you see the clock being output?
Back to my question, a tempo synced lfo would still need an input from a midi device. What I was thinking of is some setting by the push encoder of the fh-1 itself, tap tempo on out 1 and mybe some subdivisions ormultipluers on 2-7
You can use the FH-1's internal clock, which can be started with tap tempo. Refer to the manual.
I do not understand the manual, that‘s the point.

In my understanding I can use the internal clock source to drive the synced lfo, so far so good.

But to get an output of this lfo I‘d need to set a lfo depth via a cc-value. If that is true then I will still need an external midi device.

Sorry but for me this module is very hard to understand.
You can set up the LFOs via MIDI, then save a preset and use it without the MIDI controller.

Or you can set everything up via the config scripts.
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