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The 2018 Show Us Your DIY Builds Thread
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Author The 2018 Show Us Your DIY Builds Thread
soup wrote:
Barton User Writable Quantizer in Banana Frac...

beautiful, as always!
my first module. 6hp.
it's for op-1 connection to modular system using Teensy 3.6
and for the usb-c battery pack to uzeus and 0-coast.
midi in, analog clock in via expansion 2hp module.

Yesterday I made a RGB tree that can be cv controlled and produce weird sounds, basically a degenerated super warp generator.
Indispensable to give that kitsch touch at every Xmas jam hihi

Here's the thing in action: e_sheet

Wish the best to the whole community!
Monkizzle wrote:

Here's the thing in action: e_sheet

That is cool! w00t
Nice Monkizzle, very nice!! Mr. Green
Thank u mates, wish a peaceful xmas and blessed holidays to the whole community! Teh forumcats
Just another rookie
Hooray my first diy power supply!

Finished my 3rd DIY case yesterday, today I need to spend hours cleaning up the shop. This used up some old rails & power busses and scrap MDO plywood. Same basic plan as all of my previous cases although rather than scavenging the IEC entry from a PC power supply I sprung for one with a switch and fuse in an attempt to make everythin easier. My wife to doodled on the case with markers. Last shot shows it in place, although I suspect everything is going to change again.

That's some nice doodling from your wife. And a nice setup you have too.
last or first build of the year.....

Finished this a few weeks ago -

Finished this a few minutes ago -

stunning modules

Cheradenine wrote:
Here's the last Modcan A format modules I've built :

Oakley dual S-VCO :

Toppobrillo 281 fuction generator

Happy new year fellow DIYers!
This is a DIY Eurorack module (work in progress) using two CMOS chips, creating lovely Pseudo-Random sequences
A CD4040 clock divider's outputs feed the four binary inputs of a CD4028 BCD to Decimal converting chip, creating pseudo-random sequences, depending on different CD4040 outputs feeding different CD4028 BCD inputs.
input-output patching is done with a mini patchbay on the module.
Participating Eurorack modules: Ladik QUantizer, Tiptop Z3000 VCO, Z2040 Filter, DIY Envelope, DIY 606 Kick, Omsonic Pixeldust HH.
Surprised to see people still posting here. Use this thread in the future -
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