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Anyone modified a Peli Case to have removable lid?
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Author Anyone modified a Peli Case to have removable lid?
Has anyone here modified a Peli Case so that the lid is removable? If you have, got any info or tips? This will eventually house a Buchla 208 clone. The pins that are in there look like I could maybe knock them out. But obviously I'd like to try and do this without damaging it.

I was thinking I can then get a bar as thick as the hinges and drill down the centre so that new pins can slide in and out of it. The pins would be held in position with a thumb screws through tapped hole or padlocks. But if other people have suggestions for a solution please share. Cheers smile

Images below including sketch

I replaced the pins on my fake Peli case with grenade pins (split pins and split key ring). I had to cut a bit of the case to allow a bit of room to get my pliers on to the pins to pull them but I realised after cutting the case that I could have just pushed them out with a slightly thinner rod.
Assuming that the case I recently did up for a euorcase is similar then it should be easier than you think.

I basically took a small flat jewellers screwdriver and popped it in behind the last bit of rod you can see and just slid the rod out.

I've not even bothered to seek an alternative because the case has 4 catches which keep the lid on nice and tight. You should be able to find a suitable replacement the same size if you need to, perhaps cut them nice and long and put a right angled bend on them so there's something to hold onto when putting them in/out.
Synthrotek replaces theirs with grenade pins too. You can also add an enclosure to the top, thereby increasing the opportunities for the lid. I added LCD monitors for my eurorack video synth.

I've seen folks do cotter pins. Where the cotter pin replaces the normal pin. But those didn't seem very secure to stay shut.
I've also seen one case, I think it was a modded pelican, that had one long rod through both hinges held in by cotter pins on both ends.
I'm wary of that design since I'm the type of guy that would lose those cotter pins and have a case that flops open. It seems to me the best solution it to shear off the hinges entirely and put similar closure hardware on the back as there is on the front. That way you don't have any loose parts that can be lost on a dark, dirty stage.
Are they actually called grenade pins? I'm having a hard time finding any on google
grenade pin=cotter pin.
FYI: Nanuk makes really nice "Pelican type" cases and their larger wheeled series are designed with removable lids:

I have two of their smaller cases that I use for some camera lenses but they don't have the removable hinge pins.

Also of interest to DIYers and system designers: the inside of the openings have a ridge with attachment points and they sell optional aluminum panels for some of the cases.

I too had trouble googling these. Seems like the proper name is Ring-Grip Quick-Release Pins. Amazon has lots of them or you can order exact dimensions from suppliers like McMaster-Carr.
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