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Home Depot’s crazy sale on projection lights
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Author Home Depot’s crazy sale on projection lights
Home Depot is blowing out their Christmas lights, and some of the stuff is amazing.

AppLights have Bluetooth, with an app for iOS and Android. They were originally $50 each, but are now $12.50

I bought all 3 versions. Kaleidoscope is the best for geometric textures. A mesh of little pyramids that gnash their teeth as the colors endlessly mutate.

Snowflurry works best if you put it very close to the base of the projection wall. Instead of simple scrolling dots, that makes it look like everything is getting sucked into a black hole.

The 3-pack of RGB spotlights is fun, too. 140 different patterns..

There are also a few super-cheap things that don’t speak Bluetooth but are still worth having. The 2-pack of ‘Lightribbon’ costs $7 now if I remember correctly. I want to disassemble one just to see what that awesomely wavy lens does to my low-powered laser stuff..

None of these are powerful enough to use live unless you’re in a tiny room, but the textures are amazing for camera capture and experimental craziness..
I spent about $50 for one of everything. Maybe the biggest coup ever in practical video effects. I intend to do terrible things to these poor projectors..

Here’s one that cost maybe $7 for the 2-pack. Doesn’t do Bluetooth like the others- it looks like this all the time. But it looks pretty cool..

Here’s one of the Bluetooth-enabled AppLights.

This is the Kaleidoscope, and I’m only using one of the 49 modes:

I love the practical video synth ideas here

I back the neo lucida on kickstarter (the new bigger one) and will be using the large prism in front of my video synth setup to see what happens
Well spotted! Grabbed one of each to play around with.
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