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Minimalist rhythmic drone/ambient jam
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Author Minimalist rhythmic drone/ambient jam

The piece (one-take live jam recorded off the mixer) is based off a short loop sample from the ADDAC 101. I've been mainly exploring the world of ambience, drones, and minimalism. As a drummer, it's hard for me not to hear rhythms in everything. I also love working with samples, so I've been basing my recent jams starting with a random sample and finding an interesting looping point and going from there.

Sample is run through both channels of filter of the uHC. The overdriven 2nd BP channel is being modulated by a Ciat Lonbarde/MengQi Rollz-5. The envelope output of the ADDAC is modulating a channel of the 4ms QCD which is clocking an SQ-1, which triggers envelopes in Maths (EOC on ch4 triggers ch1). Oscillators include Cursus, Mangrove, Just Friends. I think there's a Bermuda FM-ing Mangrove as well. Sometimes I use the envelope output of the ADDAC to clock everything, which is tons of fun. Keystep is used to change the pitch of the sample in a few places.

Effects - I've got a homemade matrix mixer that can send all my sound sources into an Audio Damange AEVerb mk2, Reflex Liveloop (Echo mode), the uHC, and the Doepfer A-189-1, which is doing all the bitcrushing/noise/distortion.
I like it! Some interesting textures and tones in there. (I would personally edit the hell out of it into something < 5 mins, but that's just me)

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