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ES-8 dynamic range is at best 70db and w/o DC blocking 60db?
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Author ES-8 dynamic range is at best 70db and w/o DC blocking 60db?
ES-8 has 70db on my best power bus system once DC blocking has been activated, just checking with others as ES posted no info on their site or manual on dynamic range and simply say when in doubt ask! This may be an issue for some as my Intellijel Audio interface II has a 90+db dynamic range which is far better for audio. The difference may seem not a lot but every 6db is 2X times as loud which means that the ES-8 is 6X worse of a choice as an FX send out of your DAW for euro processing than the Intellijel Audio Interface II. I would love to hear what others are getting in terms of dynamic range with the ES-8! Of course any bench measures from os would be nice. I have other uses for the ES-8 but I am trying to figure out if this measurement is normal or not and have not got a reply in the other thread from os.

EDIT: So the specs on the ES-8 website are saying that the analog inputs are +-10V or 20Vpp while I was putting in a standard OSC output which was closer to +-5V or 10Vpp for measurement. I will measure +-10V or 20Vpp and report back on the unblocked and blocked dynamic range over a spectrum. It would be nice to have this information on the ES site just so we know that the module is working within its normal range...
Sorry, I can’t directly help, because I have no ES-8 but consumer der buying one also for audio connectivity. Have you also asked them? I can imagine that they listen to questions and feedback.
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