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Joe Meek - Do you know him ?
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Author Joe Meek - Do you know him ?
Joe Meek
engineer, producer

Just in case anyone missed other threads that mention this guy who was an early "commercial" innovator of outside-the-box sound + recording techniques.
Yes there were other bands (pop cocktail) using early synths, but he took it to a weird place in his more personal work, but was still able to blend it in to his commercial recordings.....
(it's a book promo, but looks like a good book ! )

and there's this other 58 minute doc worth watching....
I really like that Joe Meek rock sound stuff like "Telstar" and "Have I the Right?". I didn't know he worked in other genres (or even time periods). Cool overview of the book -- I'd like to read it to learn more. thumbs up
I have "I hear a new world" it's really good
I'm about halfway through the book. It's an OK read but written in a fairly drab way. It's fascinating to get insight into the state of recording technology at that period, and how much he pioneered.
Tago Mago
Great ! Thanks for the links.
Telstar blew my mind age 6.

Great BBC drama on his life - seems to be issued as a movie too
The movie "Telstar" about him is cool
One thing I learned from the book that I didn't know was that Les Paul & Mary Ford in the US developed similar approaches concurrently to Joe Meek.
This guy on YouTube has over 50 Joe Meek unrehearsed, unreleased tracks, and test reels.....
Telstar is great. Still an exciting song, even today. He really pulled that element of it off. I've read musicians talk about how he was all about the overall sound, to the point where he didn't really care about sloppy playing, and things like that.
I love Joe Meek! Similar I find is Raymond Scott and Bruce Haak, whose album Electric Lucifer probably has its own thread on here somewhere...
cretaceousear wrote:
Telstar blew my mind age 6.


As a 3 year old on its release and during the following years of regular airplay I was similarly captivated by that music spilling out of the living room radio. Even the electronic feedback noise at the end seemed to go deep with me. I'm quite sure that this and the original Delia Derbyshire Doctor Who theme music the following year 'primed' me for Kraftwerk's Autobahn some 12-13 years later, which although sounding thoroughly 'new', and almost revolutionary to my 15 year old ears, still had a slight whiff of the familiar about it.

The "I Hear a New World" compilation is great with more examples of those electronic feedback experiments.
I never met him, but my landlady did.
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