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Question about Silent Way in Cubase 9.5
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Author Question about Silent Way in Cubase 9.5
Hey guys!
I have a question about Silent way and the ES-8 in Cubase 9.5
It all works fine with the Voice Controller and i followed the Cubase 5.5 tutorial on Expert Sleepers to configure the routing of all my channels. But when i use one mono audio channel called 'monitor' to monitor and record the audio and another channel called synth in it seems the sound comes from both channels. Seems that the routing is different in 9.5
Can i kill one channel and just use the 'synth in' to record audio or apply fx? So i

(or what is the best way to apply internal vst effects)

This is btw the video i am referring to.

Kind regards,

In Cubase 9 the VST3 Voice Controller has a side chain input, which is probably the best way to go about things.
How do i exactly set this up?
It's much the same, except you can use the VSTi for calibration and leave it in place to do the MIDI/CV. Select the synth input in the side chain dropdown at the top of the plug-in window.
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