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158 panel
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Author 158 panel

Thanks to Marc for persuading me to cut this one.

I dont have any spare at all, but if anyone is keen, they are welcome to one from the next run.
it's a beauty smile
Musicology of Dreams
Well done work smile
I am probably interested by one next run panel.
Please send me PM about 158.
Kindest regards
Wow, looks great!
Just lovely. (Also, because apparently it's okay to do product placement in this non-DIY forum, I can provide PCBs for the 158 and other 100 Series modules, including stuffed PCBs and entire modules. I don't advertise it much but also have a DIY page mostly dedicated to 100 Series DIY which would go very well with panels from myself or Julian...Julian's would be much higher quality than my lazertran-based panels, I love that Julian is making this available and hopefully more. See for more, probably have to look at the second page because.) This is NOT a dunk on Julian. I really hope he makes more 100 Series panels.
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