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VoiceLive 2 Touch Pedal 6 Project
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Author VoiceLive 2 Touch Pedal 6 Project
Hi all,

Just picked up a VLT2 and wow! Very impressed. Harmonies yay!
Now (right away!) I'm looking into foot pedals for it.
I'm somewhat disappointed in what can be controlled via the 3 or even 6 foot pedals compared to MIDI control so have opted to make my own hybrid foot pedal/MIDI controller.

As I've only just began using the VLT2 I'm still unfamiliar with some of it's functions but can already see things can be made better. (For my own use in the studio or on stage)

1) The first order of business is a battery pack so I don't have to plug in all of the time.Plugging in is really inconvenient and sometimes impossible without carrying a 50 foot extension cord (been there, done that!) It's installed in the picture above

2) The second is a custom pedal-6 for the new firmware upgrade. I'll admit I haven't purchased TC's pedal 6, not for the fact that I'm pretty cheap but because I want more control over the VLT2 than they have offered. This is why this pedal-6 will have:

-Standard 6 switches for regular pedal 6 control, mode toggled by a 7th pedal
-MIDI output to send custom MIDI messages to control the VL2, modify-able via MIDI Sysex from regular .txt file
-MIDI input / merge to allow other controller's data to be forwarded to the VLT2
-Arduino based (pro-mini) to open source etc.

Via MIDI, pedal control of levels can be achieved (super useful to me), as can be Loop quantizing (4,8,16 etc) and even preset Loop sizes. The Sysex can create up to 4 MIDI-Pedal board presets.
On top of that, the foot board will have several modular signal inputs (clock, triggers, CV) to sync to eurorack setups without having to pass through MIDI first. This is a must have IMO

If you'd like to see the project's progress, it's at
Update to the project
I have made a case from local cedar that looks like it shouldn't be on the floor but oh well!

3D printed 4 uglyflex feet under it wow rubber feet!

There's also a clock input now as it seems the VLT2 can sync stuff to it. Not sure about the looper, that would be nice!
The clock output is a given, but I guess I'll have to add a 3rd MIDI jack for MIDI-thru as the VLT2 is the end of the chain.
There's 2 CV inputs now so two elements can be controlled in the VLT2
One of the trigger inputs could toggle the looper controls I suppose.

It'll be interesting to see if a CV input (1V/oct) from a sequencer can be used to lay down 3 MIDI notes (or more) for vocal harmonies in MIDI mode. It'll have to be a special function...I'm still a newb at that so only using preset #55 hehe
Delays delays Delays!

After like nearly a year I have finally found time to get this project completed!
It has evolved nicely too, so maybe the time away from it was for the best.
It can stream just about any sized MIDI song, Drumloops in 8 sections, and even a sample player / SD Card loader but internal Flash for up to 20 minutes worth of samples in 48Ks/s stereo (more than I'd ever need in this)

Plus, most importantly, it works with the VoiceLive Touch 2! It's so nice to loop my voice with (almost) the freedom of a Reflex LiveLoop. The Looper can be automated in a MIDI song too which is something I can't wait to try.

The pedal7 is still open right now so I must be delicate with it, but here's a video of the drum loops control

I'll post more once it happens smile
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