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Drum machines with Trigger *In*
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Author Drum machines with Trigger *In*
Long time since i've been around on here so apologies if this was brought up and i didnt find it in search... but i know its common to use drum machines with trigger outs to trigger drums modules and drum patches, but I'm looking the other way around... using the generative power of probabilistic modules and sequencers in Eurorack to trigger an external drum machine.

Any machines that are known to be able to do this? Maybe with circuit bending?
Any drum brain should do. Nord drum, Vermona, Tama techstar series, etc.
Yeah the Vermona is something I've looked at (a bit big for my purposes). Tama Techstar seems cool but again a big unit and quite scarce. Thanks.
calaveras wrote:

Awesome, i have a MD. i guess there must be a setting for modifying how the audio inputs are used? I will look into it.
Can also look into those trigger boxes that have USB. Can essentially use them to trigger anything midi + a computer.
Metasonix D2000 or D1000 (or the RK1 and RK4, for separate voices)
CR-78 has Clock In.
Volca Beats, Akai Tomcat/Rhytmwof, Arturia drumbrute..all have clock in
If you don't want specifically euromodules or a single drum machine there are a few standalone drum voices out there, I built my 'drum machine' from independent units all of which have trigger ins:

Coron DS-8 (and clones)
Rakit PC-2 clone (super cheap and nice!)
Boss PC-2
Boss HC-2
Leploop multicassa
EHX crash pad
EHX space drum
Delptronics Thunderclap
Delptronics Thunderbell
Volca kick (clock in but can be set up to just trigger a single step)

Circuitbenders sell a Boss Dr-55 clone pcb which takes trigger in each for each voice.

The multicassa is an absolute must-have for me thumbs up
Sonic Potions LXR has clock in.
My circuit bent Alesis D4 has twelve trigger ins and is tonnes of fun to use with the modular as you're describing.
thanks for the info. i didnt think about using standard clock in with a sequence of steps for a specific drum. it does of course limit to either 1 drum voice or a composite sound but interesting idea. being able to trigger individual drum voices is still preferable.
The korg ddd-1 has one assignable trigger in
its not a drum machine, but using the trigger in on the tb-03 and then running midi out to a drum machine has gotten me some interesting results in the past thumbs up
Alesis DM Pro has 16 triggers in and 6 outs if you can find one. Even the cheaper DM5 has 12in 4 out. You can usually pick the DM5 up quite easily. The more outs the better for processing.
come to think of it ... alesis samplerack has 8 trigger in's and will play back your samples off a flash card for $200?

I haven't used one but that sounds fun.
Teenage Engineering PO-12 Rythm has got sync as well, and it's not even

Edit: but it was triggering sounds you were after, thats not possible. Sorry
The yamaha RM50 takes trigger inputs. The akai s900 has a trigger in option (sampler, but makes a killer drums sampler).
Alesis DM5 accepts up to 12 trigger inputs.
Nord drums can be triggered (and are trigger level sensitive).
For old drum brains, really like the Pearl DR-X.
The Nord Drum 2 has six trigger inputs and it sounds awesome with a huge range of tones. Really deep programming ability, with a slew of parameters to adjust the Tone, Noise, and Click of each of the six "channels". I have a Nord Drum 3P, which is essentially the same thing without the trigger inputs and with Delay and Reverb. The only reason I have it though is cause I can't find a Nord Drum 2!

FYI, Richard Devine uses one in a lot of his recent patches.
heliosphere wrote:
calaveras wrote:

Awesome, i have a MD. i guess there must be a setting for modifying how the audio inputs are used? I will look into it.

Yep,they can be assigned to any sounds in global>routing.

Most old analogue drum machines can be modded to accept V triggers,seeing as internally that's how they work.I have a Hammond autovari-64 that was modded for MIDI but that's implemented via triggers. Vermona DRM is really nice,what you loose in desk space you make up for in zero learning curve and ultimate tweakability.
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