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The Hidden Cost EP
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Author The Hidden Cost EP
I just released my first EP, The Hidden Cost and wanted to share it with MuffWiggler. Several of you helped me quite a bit, spending a lot of time answering my stupid questions and offering great advice. Nathan Moody in particular has been crazy helpful — he even mastered the EP.

Anyhow, I hope a couple of you might like it.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=4139449997 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]
Nice track! Sequim eh? Wow, I'm not too far from you there... Do you play out? Any other wigglers in Sequim? I'm still trying to track down a few whispers here in PT...
Hey, nice to meet you, yeah Port Townsend is really close.
I don't know of anyone else on the strait that has a modular. And no, I've never taken any of it out live. I don't even know of anything over here, just that modular meet up in Seattle. Have you gone to that?
Haven't been yet...been meaning to though... I've got a few new modules to learn and then I might get up the nerve to take the modular out to open mic night... If I do, I'll hit you up and see if you're around... Honestly I'm kind of nervous of taking the modular outside..


Patchwerks has a soldering get together once a week I've been meaning to go to as well..(I think it's still going on..) I'd like to finish a few circuit bending projects.. Free time is a factor though.... Do you DIY any modules? I haven't yet.. I'd like to.. That whole time thing again...

Just saw your instagram page... Nice modular case! And Holy shit look at those capacitors on the frickin VCF-74!!

What case is that? Did you make it?
I've been meaning to go for a while, but it almost always coincides with somehow getting slammed at work and not able to then spend the amount of time it takes to get into Seattle. But yes, really want to attend as well.

I have not done any DIY, not from a lack of desire, but rather because I've tried DIY in the past and have really made a pig's ear of it. It's better if I don't.

I've not taken the modular outside as it's just unwieldy enough to worry me that I'd mess something up. The System 500 is super portable, and I wouldn't hesitate to take that somewhere. The modular case is gorgeous, and was made by fellow MWer goiks. I couldn't be happier with it. And yes, that VSL VCF-74 is a monster, and Vintage Synth Labs have really done a spectacular job with it. Highly, highly recommended — it's one of my most frequently used modules.
Very nice! I particularly like the sequenced tracks. The compositions have a nice open, airy, uncluttered feel to them. Something I always struggle with... The only thing I did not like was the clicky sound in Defending Compliance that starts at about 29 secs in.

I took a quick scroll through your instagram, your images are beautiful.
tonymasiello wrote:
The only thing I did not like was the clicky sound in Defending Compliance that starts at about 29 secs in.

Ha, my wife calls those the "cockroach drums" and she hates them as well. I know what you mean, it itches at the back of your skull a little too much. But thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate it. And thanks about Instagram. When I had an office job, I was pretty unhappy and started doing photography to offset my creative frustration.
Agree, nice sounds there! I'm in PT, would love to know about other modular action going on in the area. I'm a 2 year noob but loving it.
PT eh? That's cool.... I've been working up the nerve to go out to open mic night uptown... Maybe the Cellar Door. As for Modular around here.... nada..

I went to the last Mokedo event in Seattle... That was cool..

What are you up to mantid ? You feel like going to open mic night?

What kind of Modular are you into?

I don't mean to hijack this thread, but to answer your question, I am largely exploring modular for the intellectual fun of it. I love waves and interference patterns and drones and resonances and so forth. Musically, I am coming at this from a rock/krautrock angle but the more I learn, the more I am able to appreciate techno and ambient. I love setting up emergent patches to listen to while I work. I do live uptown, but have only been to the open mic at the pub once - I tend to turn in early and get up early, but I could be convinced at some point. Can't imagine anyone would ever want to hear my noises, but happy to meet up if you ever want a coffee or such.

Here's where I have been sticking my experiments:
mantid, you are right about highjacking this thread... It's my fault too. Sorry whinger!! At least every time we reply here this thread gets bumped to the top of the list!! I was at work today thinking that the three of us are probably three out of five people on the Pennisula that are into modular, and how cool it would be to make our own Modular on the spot showcase at a cool park with a bunch of friends and a barbecue/pot luck of some sort..... It was just a daydream during working hours mind you.. However, I really like that pavilion in Chetzamoka park..

Anyway, I'd like to get together with either of you. We should move this into PM territory..

A side note.. I've been thinking of making a Synthesizers Addiction Anonymous gathering here in PT.. Making flyers and seeing if there were enough people to gather and talk about, play, show, gush about synths over a coffee or tea... Just for fun..
Hey whinger-

JakoGreyshire and I will be heading to Seattle for the Patchwerks Signal event Sunday the 14th: s-2018-synthesizer-meetup

If you'd like to meet us in Port Townsend, I'd be happy to drive the rest of the way (either to Seattle or to Bainbridge Ferry). You could leave your car at my place if that is useful.

Hope to see you there in any case!
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