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OS X network midi or iConnectivity Mio?
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Author OS X network midi or iConnectivity Mio?
Does anybody here use Network Midi or an Iconectivity Mio over ethernet?

I need to connect two computers to the same midi inteeface. I currently have 2 AMT8's stacked and connected to my main computer. I've been using these for years. They are solid. I've recently started using a second computer which needs to also access the AMT8's. I have managed to test out network midi between the two computers and it works. I haven't tried latency tests or anything of that sort yet so I can't comment there. I can only access 1 network session at a time consisting of 16 midi channels from the satellite computer, technically this should be fine but when you are used to 16 I/O with 16 channels each, you have to make some changes. I also don't like the fact that the host computer always has to be on in order for the satellite to access the Midi interface.

So this got me thinking about switching from the old AMT8's to a newer system like the iConnectivity Mio10, and connecting to it with a network switch and a using midi hub(instead of DIN for all synths that have USB midi), because it of course has less DIN ports than the AMT's. I could make it work that way. The question is will it?

How do the computers see the Mio when connected via Ethernet? Is it just a single network session as well or would it show all of the available ports and synths directly on their own I/O's through the network?
After a bunch of googling I think I have it all sorted out now.
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