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Beatstep Pro and 4ms stereo trigger sampler
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Author Beatstep Pro and 4ms stereo trigger sampler
I'd like to use the beatstep pro sequencer and the 4ms STS to do some drum/rhythm stuff... but it's not working.

In theory, the CV Gate out should play the sample and the CV Pitch out should select which sample is played. I think the issue is that the beatstep pro CV Gate sends a trigger to play the sample before the CV Pitch selects the right sample. I could probably use a gate delay for a workaround, but I'd rather not.

There are a lot of controls on the beatstep pro so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

Any thoughts? THANKS
It might be worth looking into firmware updates for the stereo triggered sampler. I remember reading something about some latency in earlier versions because of compensating for various euro sequencers or something? It’s in the main thread for the STS. Anyway, if you post in the STS thread or send a message to 4ms they might be able to help. Good luck!
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