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Izotope Breaktweaker . anybody here working with it ?
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Author Izotope Breaktweaker . anybody here working with it ?
Funky40 l

i´m interested ! its still on sale until tomorrow/ 8 Jan.

_is it simple in use ?
_short burn in period ?
_inspiring in regards to workflow ?

i won´t use it if it would mean i had alots of manual reading to do.
or if the interface or file handling would be cumbersome ( for example do it totally dislike NI software for that reason)
It is :

Easy to use
Fast to learn

As good and inspiring as anything claiming to be the "next level beat machine that'll make things you've never heard before".

thank You KaOsphere !

i allready went with it, haha. my comments also:

easy in use / easy to learn / very inspiring to use / jamm it ! / load your own samples / jamm it !

great addition for 99$ ( only while on sale until tomorrow 8 Jan 18 )

note: on sale you get all 4 additional packs also if you choose that option with the packs, but you can alos choose to go without for the same price, lol.
From the patterns i heard so far, i really liked the ones from the cinematic soundscapes expansion.

the programm might be worth the sales price alone as a creative gator to be used for resampling purposes btw.
really fun

thumbs up
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