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Octatrack track level setting by dB
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Author Octatrack track level setting by dB
I kept being surprised by the change in volume caused by level setting changes on for an individual track on the Octatrack and it made me suspect that the level setting scale is not directly related to a decibel scale. I tested a full scale 220 hz tone from one track and measured the output on a Minilyzer. The results were illuminating. I'm sharing here in case anyone else has had the same curiosity.


I realized it might not be obvious how to read this. The left hand column is just increments of 3 dB reduction. The middle column is the level setting associated with that reduction and the last column is the number of steps required to reduce the volume 3 dB from the previous step. The top and bottom of the scale are especially uneven.

The gray area at the bottom is where the steps become too fine to record, hence the blank cells.
Is this an MKII?
It's a MK1. A friend of mine has a MK2. If anyone is interested I'll see if I can check it to see if it is the same.
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