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73-75 Homebuilt Serge: Shaping an ADSR wave, used for pitch
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Author 73-75 Homebuilt Serge: Shaping an ADSR wave, used for pitch

73-75 Homebuilt Serge[/video]
Shaping an ADSR wave, used for pitch: reference 1976 Serge Manual page 4

Standard disclaimer about not really knowing what I'm doing. But kind of obsessively trying to follow the '76 Serge manual as a starting place. Someone please do it better so maybe I can stop myself.

0:00 Pos + Neg Slew (Pos. wave out to Neg In; Neg pulse out to Pos Start In) to get narrow pulses + EG#2 Window to EG#1 Hold to get slower and wider, maybe irregular pulses. Scope views but no sound (2:13)

2:13 Adjusting patch above to get more frequent ADSR (0:56)

3:09 Regular Pitch sequence from wave, voiced (unintentionally) like a tuned percussion instrument. The previous patch output goes into OSC CV-in; OSC out to Comparator, then to Gate and to audio. EG#3 cycled and Window out used to trigger the Gate. Used the Comparator because the timbre wasn't good - didn't realize until after this video that the output was going through the Low Pass of a VCFQ (R*S 3U, off-camera). So I apologize for the tone of this vid. (5:23)

A little past half-way, I try to add another Neg Slew wave into the hold of EG#3. In retrospect, it probably had more potential than I thought at the time.

8:32 Patch as above, with Neg Slew #2's pulse output into the Window Size and Duration inputs of EG#3 - intent is to make the input to the Gate trigger more interesting. The Neg Slew #2's wave outputs would have been better, as I found out later - try it! (3:23)

11:55 A fast melodic phrase, with transposition. This one adds Pos. Slew #2, with feedback from OSC audio back into the VC-in. This Pos. Slew is set slow, and its wave out goes to Neg. Slew #2's VC-in to get more action ultimately at the Gate trigger; and also this wave out goes to the OSC's second CV-in, trying for a pitch transpose kind of function. (7:30)
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