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Suggestions for an inexpensive effects pedal...
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Author Suggestions for an inexpensive effects pedal...
... to accompany a Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator?

So, for Christmas this year I got my nieces and nephew each a Pocket Operator. The youngest, my nephew, has really taken to it, and I was thinking I might want to throw an effects pedal his way.

The thing is, I know _nothing_ about effects boxes or pedals. I mean, you plug them and twist knobs and push down on things and things happen, but that's the extent of it --- you could say the same about an electric car.

Any suggestions for something that would keep him sonically hooked and not break the bank?

korg mini kp2
Zoom G1on.

$50 or so (which is cheap for an effects pedal), lots of presets (so he can learn without needing to first study up), lots of options (decent DSP internally).

Thing has huge legs.
Korg monotron delay- same connections as the Pocket Op, and mangling knobs of an analog delay in real time gives very obvious sounds/impact. Plus extra oscillator to mangle on the ribbon control
Or another vote for Zoom, their ms 70 if you want lots of effect options in a pedal - if the kid is into that
anselmi wrote:
korg mini kp2

I 2nd this. For a kid, having the touchpad will be really enjoyable, plus it's battery operated. All he'll need is his headphones and a cable to go in between the 2 units and he's set.
Thanks for the input, folks! I settled on the Korg Monotron Delay; it was right in the budget for what I was thinking about spending, and the tonal possibilities as well as the delay should keep him noodling. He'll have it by the end of the week. smile

And more generally, CRAP! I had been tempted to get myself a Korg Mini KP2, and managed to talk myself out of it by saying, "No, I'm not going down the effect pedal rathole." Hearing others say it's fun makes me question that. Hahaha! smile So what I think I need to do is get one, break it in, and send it to him for his birthday, right?
Oh, and Koekepan, thanks for the suggestion of the Zoom G1on, too! That did interest me, and was a close second. I've added it to my list of "Hmm. That may be interesting. smile"
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