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reverb pedal decision
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Author reverb pedal decision
I got big sky and H9, but I need something smaller (and cheaper) for my live rig

I´m looking for stuff around $150, I don´t need memories or midi, but stereo out is welcome. I will use it with synths, for BIG and dense reverb with wide stereo image. I reduced my options to this ones

Digitech Polara
TC Trinity

the best?
strong and weak points?
any suggestions?
May you have a look at Z.Cat pedals as well.
I just got a Zoom ms-70 CDR for the same reason and so far i am very happy with it. Brilliant on synths. It emulates some of the eventide's algos (not the most faithful emulation for sure...) and the memories actually come very handy live. Tons of possibilities.

Polara sounds good but the tc is far more versatile. If you are after that one, consider the Hall of Fame as well by the way....
Check out the Hall of Fame 2. I have the HoF one and it's great, and the new version seems to be even cooler (especially with the expression pedal style switch function).
HOF2 for sure
Hall of fame 2 is sounding lovely here as well!
thanks for the replies, guys

I didn´t know HoF got a V2...looks interesting since have 3 toneprint memories...the editor is really deep so I think this could be a great way to have 3 different settings for my live needs

I´m also impressed by the Zoom ms-70 CDR...not the great audio quality of more expensive pedals but man, at this price it shines! lot of stuff and also multi-fx capabilities! I´m very tempted now
cscairney wrote:
Hall of fame 2 is sounding lovely here as well!

Nice track!
I'd go for the Hall of Fame 2 as well, It's got that MASH expression pedal for extra control of parameters. And the price is OK too
HOF 2 compliments by Space and Lexicon LXP very nicely....
Another one here for the Zoom Multi-Stomp. I have the Bluetooth version MS-100BT, and the value for what you pay is off the charts. The reverb emulations are awesome actually, and there's so much more that just that. You can build effects chains of up to 5 effects each and it's also stereo in and out. All off the effects are available free now through the Zoom app.
Dr. Sci Reverberator. I've had (and continue to have) a ton of different verb pedals, but the Reverberator's probably what I'd pick if I could have just one. Plus it's small. And is made by Ryan, the nicest dude ever.
Neunaber Immerse
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